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New Perspectives on the History of British Science from the 17th to the 19th Centuries AGENDA

“New Perspectives on the History of British Science from the 17th to the 19th Centuries” is a seminar series hosted by the Journal of Dialectics of Nature and Professor Bernard Lightman. It will last from September 2022 to June 2023, with a monthly session throughout the 10-month duration. We have scholarly papers from 20 contributors based in 15 cities in China, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Join us for the sessions that interest you and be sure to mark your calendars.


The following is the agenda of the series

New Perspectives on the History of British Science
  from the 17th to the 19th Centuries

Session number


Date and time

Seminar 1

Issues in Nineteenth Century Astronomy

9:00 AM Beijing Time, Monday Sept. 19th, 2022/
  6:00 PM Edmonton Time, Sunday Sept. 18th, 2022

Speech Title:   Visual Technology and Religious Sentiment in Nineteenth-Century Popular   Astronomy Lecturing
  Lecturer: Huang Hsiang-Fu
Location: Tianjin, China

Speech Title:   The Retellings of the Discovery of Neptune
  Lecturer: Robert Smith
Location: Edmonton, Canada

Seminar 2

Imagination and Innovation in Natural Philosophy

12:00 Noon   Oxford Time/
  7:00 PM Beijing Time, Monday October 17, 2022

Speech Title:   The Imagination and Conceptions of Scientific Creativity 1760-1840
  Lecturer: Robert Iliffe
  Location:  Oxford, United Kingdom

Speech Title:   The Mathematics Work of Thomson and Stokes in "Notes on   Hydrodynamics"
  Lecturer: Mu Ruiping
  Location:  Xi’an, China

Seminar 3

  Darwin and the Big Picture

9:00 AM Toronto/
  10:00 PM Beijing Time, Monday November 14th, 2022

Speech Title:   Was natural selection abandoned in Darwin psychological study—— an analysis   based on his hypothetico-deductive methodology
  Lecturer: Liu Hongjin
  Location: Beijing, China

Speech Title:   Nineteenth-Century British Science and the Big Picture
  Lecturer: Bernard Lightman
  Location: Toronto, Canada

Seminar 4

Gardens as Scientific Sites in the Early Modern Period

8:00 PM Eugene,   Oregon, Sunday Dec. 11th, 2023/
  12:00 Noon Beijing Time, Monday Dec. 12th, 2022

Speech Title:   Charting Plants: Robert Morison’s Practice of Visualising Botanical   Classification
  Lecturer: Jiang Che
  Location: Beijing, China

Speech Title:   “Garden Philosophy”: The early 17th-century Pleasure Garden as Experimental   and Colonial Site
  Lecturer: Vera Keller
  Location: Eugene, USA

Seminar 5

The Chemical Revolution and Climate Change

8:00 PM Durham,   New Hampshire, Sunday January 8th/
  9:00 AM Beijing time January 9th, 2023

Speech Title:   Between Atomism, Elementalism, and Empiricism: The Chemical Studies of   Étienne-François Geoffrey
  Lecturer: Tong Yichen
  Location: Beijing, China

Speech Title:   Climate Change and Society in Britain, 1790-1820
  Lecturer: Jan Golinski
  Location: Durham, USA

Seminar 6

Imperial   Economies and the Exchange of Natural Knowledge in the 17th and 18th Centuries

2:00 PM,   Cambridge, England, Monday Feb. 13th, 2023
  /9:00 PM, Beijing Time, Feb. 13th, 2023

Speech Title:   Construction of botany and imperial economy ecosphere during the 18th century   in Britain
  Lecturer: Zhang Jianhong
  Location: Nanjing, China

Speech Title:   James Petiver and Georg Joseph Kamel: Knowledge in Transit Between London and   Manila (c. 1700)
  Lecturer: Sebestian Kroupa
  Location: Cambridge, England

Seminar 7

Optics and Astronomy



12:00 Noon,   Coventry, England/
  9:00 PM Sydney, Australia, March 13th, 2023

Speech Title:   The Dark Chamber: Descartes, Hobbes and the Epistemological Implications of   Kepler’s Optics
  Lecturer: Ofer Gal
  Location: Sydney, Australia

Speech Title:   Fly Me to the Moon: Lunar Projects in Seventeenth-Century England
  Lecturer: Xiaona Wang
  Location: Coventry, England

Seminar 8

Empire and Gender

9:00 AM Beijing  Time, Monday April 10th, 2023

Speech Title: Challenge   or opportunity? The establishment of the North China Branch of the Royal   Asiatic Society in the context of scientific imperialism
  Lecturer: Qian Yibing
  Location: Shanghai, China

Speech Title:   Angel’s Wings: Three British Women Illustrators and Colonial Ornithology
  Lecturer: Jiang Hong
  Location: Chengdu, China

Seminar 9

Science and Industry

9:00 AM   Middletown, Conn., USA/
  9:00 PM Beijing Time, Monday May 8th, 2023

Speech Title:   “The Sino-British Scientific Communication and the Early Development of   Chinese Nuclear Industry in the Mid-20th Century”.
  Lecturer: Liu Xiao
  Location: Beijing, China

Speech Title:   Photography at the Nexus of Science and Industry
  Lecturer: Jennifer Tucker
  Location: Middletown, USA

Seminar 10

The Royal Society of London

2:00 PM St.   Andrews, Scotland/
  9:00 PM Beijing Time, Monday June 12, 2023

Speech Title: A   Last-minute Kick: William Grove and the Scientific Reform of the Royal   Society in 19th Century
  Lecturer: Luo Xingbo and Yi Zihi
  Location: Beijing, China

Speech Title:   Academy transactions and the global circulation of scientific knowledge: The
  Royal Society’s gifts, exchanges and sales, c.1800-1950
  Lecturer: Aileen Fyfe
  Location: St. Andrews, Scotland


The event is set to take place at a time friendly to most international participants. Our organizing committee is keen for you to attend.


For up-to-date conference schedule and academic information, please visit to keep informed by the organizing committee and to find out more about each monthly session shortly before they take place.




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